Additional Therapy Services

Preschool/School Screenings

Smart little preschool girl with curly hair showing flashcard with letter A in kindergarten class with exiting emotion lifting card upSydney Speech Clinic is periodically able to carry out preschool/primary school screenings. This can be organised at the request of the preschool director or school principal. Speech and language screening is a useful way to assess whether a child needs any help with their speech, language or literacy development. Most of the time it serves to reassure that the child is developing as expected. In some cases it can highlight any areas of difficulty and guide the parents and teachers towards the appropriate assistance to help the child.
The screening usually takes 15 minutes per child and involves talking about pictures and toys with the child. Observations and analyses are documented in a brief summary report with recommendations if required.
If you are a preschool director or school principal and would like to discuss the option of speech and language screenings, please contact us on 0403 291443 or via email.

Home or School Therapy Programs

In some cases it may be appropriate for the clinician to devise a therapy program that can be implemented at home or at school with the help of a dedicated teacher or aide.  Please feel free to discuss this option during the course of your child’s therapy.

Training Courses/Workshops

Training and workshops can be provided to any interested groups.  To view our current events being advertised please see the ‘Events’ section of our website. Please contact the clinic for further details on 02 8404 0715.

Peer Support/Supervision

Sydney Speech Clinic therapists are committed to implementing evidence-based practice and achieve this by prioritising continuous professional development.  We are dedicated to making sure our staff have the support and training they require to maintain and also extend their skills at every possible opportunity. We welcome professional peer support and would be pleased to collaborate with other local professionals and services.

Online Therapy

Online therapy is becoming increasingly popular for those who find it difficult to attend direct clinic sessions.  Online therapy affords you the benefits of specialist knowledge and demonstration of certain techniques from the comfort of your own home.  Research into Online based treatment is showing positive outcomes for certain programs including stuttering therapy and literacy programs.

Please contact us to discuss whether consultation and/or therapy via Online Therapy is appropriate for your requirements.