Language disorders and delays


happy kids boys brothers reading together at home

We can help with:

Receptive difficulties (comprehension/understanding of what others say to us)

  • Developing joint attention
  • Developing auditory memory
  • Developing listening skills (auditory processing)
  • Following directions
  • Understanding questions and language concepts

Expressive difficulties (the structure and content of what we say to others)

  • Early communicative gestures, sound play and development of babble
  • First words and combining words
  • Expanding vocabulary
  • Using verbs and grammar (pronouns, word endings, plurals, tenses etc) to build sentence length and complexity
  • Answering questions effectively
  • Holding a conversation
  • Telling stories and re-telling events

Pragmatic difficulties (Social interaction skills)

  • Understanding the social aspects of communication such as greeting, getting someone’s attention, making eye contact, turn taking, protesting etc.
  • Communicating effectively in a social contexts