Term Time 9-12 Year Olds Social Group Program

The SSC Social Group Programs are all about promoting social communication skills, resilience, emotional regulation and confidence. Our term-time group programs for 9-12 year olds have been specifically designed to help children in mid to upper primary school navigate friendships, understand the subtleties in teen interactions and be able to successfully communicate within peer groups.   

Held in a safe and nurturing environment where the group can practice the learnings shared through interactions with each other, our social program aims to build up these important social skills so participants are more confident in implementing these skills in everyday life. 

Term time social programs are lots of fun after a busy day of studying at school and for many children (like adults) being able to attend weekly allows for long term friendships and connections to develop as they would naturally in other everyday social activities such as attending a youth club, a sports team, games workshops and other leisure interests. 

The ultimate aim of our social groups is that participants feel confident to eventually extend their social networks and join mainstream activities when they feel ready to do so.  With the support of our experienced, nurturing and supportive team it is hoped that our 9-12 year olds can achieve fantastic social outcomes, feel great about themselves and thrive in social situations.

2024 Term 3 bookings now open! 

10 week program

Thursdays  4.30pm - 5.30pm

Thursday the 25th July 2024 - Thursday the 26th September 2024

Term Time 9-12 year old Social Group Program Goals

Areas of focus in this program will include:
  • Making and maintaining friendships
  • Joining and leaving a conversation
  • Understanding and repairing conversations
  • Judging and responding to body language and facial expressions
  • Understanding inference, humour and sarcasm
  • Social media and online safety
  • Collaboration and negotiation skills
  • Navigating relationships and emotions
  • Dealing with conflict and bullies
  • Planning, projects and teamwork