Little Learners – Parent and Toddler Program

The Little Learners program will be running in early 2022. You will be working with our Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists in a safe and social environment. Therapists will be discussing specific strategies to facilitate communication, interaction, behaviour, motor, and play development. These will be modelled during the sessions and coaching will be provided to parents during parent-child or small group play activities.

Parents will be encouraged to try these at home between sessions, sharing what worked well and problem-solving what did not work well in follow-up sessions. In addition, tailored parent resources will also be provided to match the specific strategies discussed.

The program has been specifically designed to support children between 18 months and 3 and a half years of age, whose parents might have concerns with their development including expressive language, receptive language, motor skills, emotional regulation, behaviour, and learning. The program will run for 8 weeks in total with a new topic introduced each week. Strategies will be tailored to these topics to allow parents to build on their use of these from week to week.

Our main goal for the program is to equip parents with knowledge about supporting their child’s development while spending time with their child. Additionally, we aim to provide parents with an environment to share their experiences and learning with parents who have children of a similar age and level. Socially there is the added benefit of children being able to interact with one another during play.

Parents need to be prepared to attend a 1 hour session every week with their child, and be willing to learn a range of strategies from our therapists and apply them in the home setting.

It is likely that our next group will be held early 2022.  This will be based on the Covid 19 situation in NSW.  We'll update the dates here once we have finalised the dates/times of the group. Please email us to express an interest and we will contact you once the dates are confirmed.

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8 Sessions for $790
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  • Let’s play together: Using play to develop a whole variety of skills including listening, comprehension, vocabulary, sentence development, speech sounds, social skills and expanding a child's play schemes
  • Creating communication opportunities using books: Our speech pathologists will guide you through book selection, techniques to use during shared book time and how to make books fun and engaging!
  • Movement and motor skills: An OT led session to help parents learn more about incorporating gross and fine motor activities into daily routines
  • Let’s pretend together: How to play imaginatively to enhance language and social development
  • Creating communication opportunities in songs and music
  • Explore and learn through sensory play: An OT led session to help parents understand more about the importance of the sensory systems in emotional and behavioural development. Sensory processing is important for emotional, behavioural, physical, social and overall development.
  • Communicating and learning in everyday routines: Learn how therapy activities can be incorporated into our busy lives
  • People games: Learn about the power of connection and communication with only you, the parent, as the toy!

Frequently Asked Questions

1Where is the group held?
All group sessions are held at our clinic in Lane Cove. We have a variety of purpose-built therapy rooms that are spacious, colourful and engaging for learning. Families are encouraged to congregate in the clinic waiting area approximately 10 minutes prior to the start of the session. The speech pathologist facilitating the group will meet families there, and accompany them to the appropriate room. The address of the clinic is: Ground Floor, 1 Pottery Lane, Lane Cove, 2066, NSW.
2What happens if I miss one of the sessions?
All group programs are designed so that a session can be missed without hindering future sessions. However, if you are unable to attend, we do appreciate 24 hours notice so that the facilitator can plan accordingly. Unfortunately we cannot provide a refund for missed group sessions.
3How do I pay?
All group sessions are paid for in advance. Our front desk team will provide you details on how to pay to secure your spot.
4What qualifications do the staff have?
All group programs are facilitated by certified practicing speech pathologists and occupational therapists.
5Do parents need to stay?
Yes! Parents are required to stay for the session as we want these sessions to be about joint learning experiences with your child, and to find support with other parents.
6What do I need to bring?
All resources for the group program will be provided by Sydney Speech Clinic. Apart from what the child might need when out and about, you don’t need to bring a thing.
7Do groups replace one to one sessions?
No. One-to-one sessions are intensive, individualised, and tailored specifically to the needs of the client. Group sessions are seen as ‘boosters’ or supplementation to one-on-one therapy, and should not be used as a replacement in most cases. This group will also provide insight into whether your young child does need a comprehensive assessment and one-to-one therapy. It will also be a great tool while awaiting one-to-one therapy sessions.