Group Therapy Programs

Group sessions promote peer learning in an interactive, motivating and supportive group environment. 

Our group programs are designed to supplement the learning a child is already doing (e.g. at school, at home, or in 1-on-1 speech pathology) by building on existing skills. Most importantly, these groups encourage the children in the group to learn from one another. We often find that children thrive in this group setting, and come out of the program feeling confident and empowered to apply the new skills that they have learnt. Group programs offer a reliable and affordable way of maximising your child's exposure to learning. 

All of our programs are evidence-based, and carefully planned and facilitated by qualified speech pathologists.

Literacy Group Programs

Speech pathologists are the recognised experts in school-aged literacy. Speech pathologists offer therapy, coaching, skills and strategies to promote literacy success for children of all ages. Literacy groups at Sydney Speech Clinic are carefully programmed and designed for those children who may benefit from extra support with reading, writing and spelling skills.  

Lego® Based Therapy Programs

Lego® based therapy is a social development program for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other social communication difficulties. It uses children’s interest and motivation for playing with Lego® to help them develop communication and social skills. Lego® based therapy offers a ‘‘naturalistic’’ approach to social skills development which can improve generalisation of social skills. (Delprato 2001; Kohler et al. 1997). Learning in real-life situations improves the generalisation of skills to everyday settings.

Social Squad Group Programs

The SSC Social Squad Group Programs are all about promoting social communication skills and confidence. These skills often get overlooked or missed by vulnerable populations and therefore need to be explicitly taught. The SSC Social Squad offers a fun and natural way to approach social communication and life skill development which can improve generalisation of important skills into everyday life. We want our clients to feel that they are valuable members of their community and for them to feel independent and empowered.

School Readiness Group Programs

A lot changes when a child transitions from daycare to school, and at Sydney Speech Clinic we are passionate about making this transition as smooth as possible. We have designed a unique program that teaches children everything they need to know before school, delivered in a fun and interactive group environment. Our mission is to have every parent and child feeling equipped and excited for Day One!